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Courses are held in knee to hip-deep water, or from a boat, depending on the student's level. Tuition is povided with a maximum of two students per instructor, if and only if the students have the same level. Videofeedback, direct assistance of the instructor from the boat and communication via radiohelmets from headzone guarantee fast progression. Teaching periods typically run between one and a half to two hours daily, depending on weather conditions and the student's ability to concentrate. Fit participants can also have two sessions a day. At the end of a course students are given an IKO certificate where their level is noted down and registered with the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) accordingly.
6 hour Introductory course: For people with limited time on their hands or those who want to get a taster of kitebarding. Emphasis is put on good kite control (one-handed, blind kite flying) and the internalisation of safety features. Talented students even get up on the board.
12 hour course for beginners: The aim is to train students to reach an independent level and to become safe kiters, who know how to help themselves in distress and will not put themselves or others in danger later on.
Advanced courses: Here individual goals (such as tricks, jumps or stance-improvements) are defined and learnt.